If you are not satisfied with the colour, size or the model of the product you have bought, you can return it in 14(fourteen) calendar days from the delivery date. We will exchange the product to another one or will refund you right after we get the product you returned. We only refund the money you have paid for the product. The shipping cost is not returnable.

If you want to return the product – email us:  valetas@info.lt

In the return process it is necessary for you to submit us the order ID. If you bought the product in our actual shop (not the E-Shop), you have to submit the bill.

Please send the product you want to return to the adress below:

Kalniškės g. 5-R1, Alytus, Lietuva, LT-62414. (You have to put your personal bank account number and the ORDER ID to the return packcage)

The products you want to return have to fit these requirements:

-Product was never used.

-Product is not damaged.

-Every of our products is returned in it’s original and undamaged box.

-The product must have maintained a merchant appearance

-The products are only returnable if it is damaged by a manufacturer.

Procedure of the refund and product exchance

The product you have returned is delivered to our actual shop and is checked if it was returned as the result of manufacturer’s fault. In the process of exchange we contact our customers by email or phone to re-check the delivery adress.

In the exchange of the product case, the shipping has no additional cost. If the returned product and the product we send to you has a different price we compensate the difference by paying the money to the customer or the customer has to pay the money for us.

In the refund case they money is refunded to the customer in 10 business days from agreement to make a refund. The money is refunded to the same bank account that was used when buying the product.

Have a question? Contact us: +37061015515